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  • Manga and Light Novel

    The Manga and "Light Novel"* Library is a space where KADOKAWA Group and the readers of manga and light novels published by KADOKAWA collaborate for a shared experience of the worlds that these two genres represent. It houses almost all of the light novels published by KADOKAWA and boasts of being a library where visitors can find the most extensive collection of light novels in Japan. Housing about 37,000 titles, the library aspires to be a hub for communicating the fascinating world of manga and light novels in a multifaceted manner, with such projects as the development of new subgenres for light novels and manga.

  • Bookshelf Theater

    Enormous, eight-meter-tall bookshelves encircle this space. It houses about 20,000 titles, including the publications of KADOKAWA, the Kadokawa Genyoshi Bunko ("collection"), the Yamamoto Kenkichi Bunko, the Takeuchi Rizo Bunko, the Hokama Shuzen Bunko, the Yamada Futaro Bunko, and private collections. On a regular basis, the Theater conducts projection mapping under the theme of "Play with Books, Interact with Books."


    This is a space where visitors can feel the books "breathe" and sense the hustle-bustle of a small "town of books." Supervised by KCM director Seigow Matsuoka, it offers 25,000 titles collected under nine "contexts," through which visitors may gain a better understanding of the world. It is a completely new, innovative model of library book collection. The books are for in-museum use only. However, visitors can take the books to any location they wish within the Edit Town.

  • Photo:Kenshu Shintsubo

  • Photo:Kenshu Shintsubo

  • Photo:Kenshu Shintsubo

Learn about KCM

Located in Musashino, where humans and nature have long been living in harmony, Kadokawa Culture Museum (KCM) is a complex of cultural facilities built on a completely new concept. Positioned as a landmark of "Tokorozawa Sakura Town" (a cultural complex housing museums, offices, a hotel, eateries, etc.) produced by KADOKAWA, KCM revisits all types of knowledge, transcending the boundaries of art, literature, and natural history. Such a museum has never existed in the world before.