Rock Museum Shop


The "Rock Museum Shop" is a unique and innovative store that is like a gateway to unknown "Knowledge". Various items are edited and selected across the board - books and products related to design, art, and architecture; folk art and crafts rooted in the Musashino area; foods; and everyday items that give a sense of Japanese culture. The products and souvenirs found only here, linked to the special and permanent exhibitions, will bring back the excitement and experience of this visit.


Located on the second floor of the Kadokawa Cultural Museum, this colorful and varied storefront catches your eye as soon as entering the main entrance.The store was designed and decorated by the female creative collective "heso" and supervised by Kengo Kuma & Associates. You can also enjoy the interior design that creates a world of nature, with shelves that look like trees with spreading branches inspired by a Musashino thicket, and lighting that evokes the image of the moon floating above.


Recommended : Original Museum Goods
We have a variety of original goods that can only be found here, such as products and art exhibition catalogs linked to special exhibition events at the 1F Grand Gallery, 3F EJ Anime Museum, 5F Musashino Corridor. In addition, original stationery and general goods, snacks and boxed sweets that mimic the exterior and walls of the Kadokawa Culture Museum and the 4F Bookshelf Theater, and of course, goods from past special exhibitions, are all available. Just going around the store is exciting and fun. For memories of your visit or souvenirs for family and friends, please come to The "Rock Museum Shop".


Snacks & Souvenir Sweets

Delicious Snacks from Saitama and Musashino areas are here. Boxed sweets, snacks, and original packaging of Sayama tea and more.


The store has a selection of books that touch on local culture and art. Musashino Jurin, architecture-related books, local ZINE, folklore, anthropology, Jomon, and books related to Japanese customs and cultures.

Stationery & General Goods

Letter writing sets with lovely designs, elaborate writing tools made in Japan, leather goods, ceramics, glassware, accessories, and more.

Textile Goods and Clothing

Textile goods made with love in Japan and featuring distinctive fabrics and sewing techniques. Clothing, bags, pouches, handkerchiefs, socks, etc.

Children's Goods

Products for children and families, such as picture books, character goods, and educational toys related to the museum's theme.

Japanese - Knickknacks

Perfect for Japanese casual souvenirs. Japanese Washi paper, Japanese pattern goods, "tenugui" Hand Towels, "furoshiki" wrapping cloth, etc.

Japanese-Traditional Crafts & Folk Art

Kawagoe Daruma dolls, Ogawa Washi (Japanese paper), Edo-Kiriko (Edo faceting), Yosegi-Zaiku (marquetry), etc. Works by craftsmen active in Musashino are also lined up. We deal in a selection of traditional Japanese crafts mainly from the Musashino area and the Kanto region near Saitama Prefecture.

KADOKAWA Original Goods

Original stationery, snacks, bags, and other goods featuring the exterior shape and logo design of the Kadokawa Culture Museum are available.

Exhibition & Event-Specific Goods

Various goods linked to the numerous special exhibitions held in the Grand Gallery on the first floor of the museum are found, as well as other seasonal and event-specific items.




10:00 ~ 18:00


Tuesdays(aligned with the museum's days of closure)

Opening days and hours are subject to change. Please check the official calendar for the latest news and details.