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Available services

Yes. Wheelchairs are available for rent at the 2F General Information Counter. Reservation is not required, but please be aware that the number of wheelchairs is limited.

Coin lockers are available on the 1st and 2nd floors.
Please leave any oversized luggage at the Information Counter on the 2nd floor.

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are on each floor.

There are two – one on the museum's ground floor, and one inside th e Manga & Light Novel Library. (To use the latter, you will need a valid ticket fo r the Manga & Light Novel Library.) The nursing room is equipped with a hot water heater for preparing milk. We do not offer a care service for infants.

You may enter the museum with a baby stroller, but you will not be able to enter s ome exhibition rooms. Please park your befo re entering an exhibition.

For reasons related to the safety of the displayed artworks, please refrain from carrying suitcases or other large items into exhibitions. For oversized luggage, please contact the 2F General Information Counter. You may also be asked to do so by the museum staff.

If you pick up a lost item, please hand it to a nearby guard or other staff member, or take it directly to the 2F General Information Counter.

Pets are not permitted, however you may enter the museum with a guide dog or other service animal. For reasons related to environmental management, please refrain from bringing plants into the building.

This will depend on the route, exhibits, and the type of your ticket. A tour around all areas in the museum will take about 3 hours.

The museum was designed to be enjoyed by anyone from pre-school children to adults. The Manga & Light Novel Library offers also children's books. There is an with shoes removed.

Floor maps in English, Chinese, and Korean are available at the museum.

The Kadokawa Culture Museum Audio Guide App is available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

The admission of groups is under consideration.

This matter is currently under consideration.

Please use the Tokorozawa Sakura Town parking area. There is no advance reservation or discount service available for parking.

No, there is no smoking area in the museum.

Please refrain from using the museum for eating or drinking purposes. You are allowed to bring plastic bottles, however you may only drink outside the areas that require (paid) tickets.

Please take your waste with you.


There are books from the private collections of Kadokawa Shoten founder Genyoshi Kadokawa and other related individuals who were involved in the early days, as well as new publications from Kadokawa.

No, the libraries do not accept donations.

The libraries do not lend out books.

This matter is currently under consideration.

There are several areas with chairs that can be used for reading.

At this point, the libraries do not include audiovisual media.

Some of the books are available from the DA VINCI STORE, an interactive bookshop on the 2nd floor of Tokorozawa Sakura Town, or from the DA VINCI STORE SATELLITE on the museum's 1st floor.

Themed exhibitions

Please visit the Events page.


You may take photographs anywhere except in restricted areas. Please refrain from using flashlights, selfie sticks or tripods, and from making video recordings.

You may post photos taken anywhere except “no photography” areas, for non-commercial purposes and at your own risk. KCM is not liable for any damage or loss caused by the use of photographs.

With the exception of certain areas, ink or paint based writing tools are not permitted. Pencils may be used for taking notes, but not for replicating/copying artworks.


You can buy online tickets via this website, or day tickets at the 2F General Information Counter. As day tickets may be sold out, it is recommended to purchase your ticket(s) online. To buy tickets, click here.

Day tickets are available at the 2F General Information Counter. However we recommend to purchase your ticket(s) online, as day tickets may be sold out. You can also buy tickets online at the time of your visit, as long as tickets are available for the desired time slot.

In order to buy tickets online, you will have to register as a member. Once you have finished your registration, click here to buy your ticket(s).

Log in to the website, and go to the "Online Ticket Confirmation" page in the customer information section.

Please check the following: Make sure that your registered email address is correct. If your computer/cell phone is set to receive emails with certain domain names only, please add "kadcul.com" to your list of approved domains. (You may need to check your carrier's website or other sources of information on how to change settings.) If you use Gmail or other free email service, be aware that messages may be flagged as "spam" and routed to a Spam folder and/or deleted. Please refer to the Help page of your email server, and change the settings to accept email from kadcul.com. If you use a company account, your company's security settings may be blocking our messages. Please consider using another email address for registration.

After logging in to your "My Page," tickets purchased online will be displayed there as QR codes.

Please show the QR code on your phone, or a print-out of it, to the museum staff in the area listed on your ticket.

Please go to the 2F General Information Counter. The museum staff will check your ID, confirm the details of your online purchase, and reissue the ticket QR code for you.

Dates and times on tickets cannot be changed.

It is not possible to cancel a ticket purchase.

You can purchase up to 15 tickets.

You may enter also after the time specified on your ticket, however you may not be admitted if the museum is crowded, so we recommend you make sure to arrive in time.

Prices vary by the type of ticket. For detailed information, please click here.

Click the "Receipt" button on the "Online Ticket Confirmation" page to display the receipt, and print it as needed.

Payments can be made by credit card.

The QR code you received is valuable for the number of tickets (up to 15) you have purchased.

You may either print and distribute the according number of copies of your QR code, or make a screenshot and share it with the members of your group. The museum staff will check the number of unused tickets for each QR code, so members of your group who arrive at a later time can still enter as long as they have the code with them.

Yes, this is possible.

KCM will refund the ticket price via the credit card used for the purchase, by cancelling the payment transaction. There is no further procedure on the part of the customer.

Please purchase a ticket if you are above elementary school age. Children up to preschool age must be accompanied by a guardian.

This matter is currently under consideration.

This depends on the type of your ticket. Re-entry is possible for the Manga & Light Novel Library, and with “KCM Standard,” “1-Day” and “KCM evening” tickets.

For reasons related to the spread of COVID-19, this is currently under consideration.

The museum offers disability discounts for day tickets only, except for the EJ Anime Museum (3F). Present your disability certificate (Physical Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, or Mental Disability Certificate) at the General Information counter on the second floor to receive a half-price admission ticket for you and one caregiver. Depending on the exhibition, discounts may also be available for the EJ Anime Museum.

Restaurant (SACULA DINER) and Cafe (Kado Cafe)

Restaurant & Cafe: There are currently no halal dishes on the menu.

Restaurant: Table reservations can be made via gourmet websites or here except for lunchtime (after 3pm).
Cafe: Table reservations are not possible.

Restaurant: Alcoholic beverages are served.
Cafe: Alcoholic beverages (beer only) are served.
In compliance with local requests, alcoholic beverages may be unavailable at the time of your visit.

Restaurant: Items such as congratulatory message plates can be available on request.
Cafe: No related items available.

Restaurant: Based on prior consultation, vegan dishes may be prepared if possible.
Cafe: No vegan dishes available.

Restaurant & Cafe: Based on prior consultation, dishes may be prepared without using ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. However, measures will not encompass seasoning and cooking equipment, so we do not recommend using the Restaurant or Cafe if you have severe allergies.

Restaurant & Cafe: English menues are available.

The restaurant has for children.

You may bring in baby food. The restaurant also provides so feel free to ask

Media Requests for interviews/filming at Kadokawa Culture Museum

For more detailed information, please visit the Media Information page.