Media Information

Interviews and filming

The Kadokawa Culture Museum accepts requests for journalistic activities involving interviews and filming/photographing outside or inside the museum, for features in TV programs, publications, websites, etc. If you wish to apply, please use the “Requests & Inquiries” link below.
We will review your request, and get back to you regarding permission and schedules for interviews, film or photo shootings at the museum.

However, please be aware that filming or photographing for purposes other than promotion for the museum, generally involves charges.
If you wish to use the museum as a shooting location for a TV program, movie or magazine feature, please contact us via the link below.

Borrowing promotional images

If you wish to borrow promotional images from the museum, please contact us via the link below. Please provide proof sheets of your media containing the promotional image(s) for review and confirmation purposes at the creation stage.
Please also be so kind and provide a copy of your magazine, newspaper or program (video data or URL), to the PR team.

The sample images below show parts of the main areas in and outside the museum. In addition to these, photographs of each facility, and works shown at current or past exhibitions, are also available. To request promotional images, please contact us via the link below.

Press image examples of the Kadokawa Culture Museum and other facilities

  • Kadokawa Culture Museum (Exterior view)

    Kadokawa Culture Museum (Exterior view)

  • Lobby


  • KadoCafe


  • Rock Museum Shop

    Rock Museum Shop

  • Edit Town-Book Street

    Edit Town-Book Street

  • ARAMATA Wunderkammer(Museum)

    ARAMATA Wunderkammer(Museum)

  • Bookshelf Theater 1

    Bookshelf Theater 1

  • Bookshelf Theater 2

    Bookshelf Theater 2

  • Attic Step}}

    Attic Step

  • Musashino Gallery

    Musashino Gallery

  • Musashino Corridor

    Musashino Corridor



  • Manga and Light Novel Library

    Manga and Light Novel Library

  • Musashino Reiwa Shrine

    Musashino Reiwa Shrine