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Salvador Dali - Endless Enigma

Japan's First Interactive Dali Exhibition
Immersion in a 360-Degree Giant Video Projection Space at the Interactive Digital Art Theater Vol. 3


■Walk, feel, and bask in Dali. This is an interactive exhibition in which you can immerse yourself in eccentric spaces created by Dali, which have been enjoyed by 2 million people worldwide.

Born in Spain, Salvador Dali became one of the representative artists of the 20th century. He elaborately depicted his fantastical, surreal, unique internal world by his graphic techniques. The Kadokawa Culture Museum brings you this interactive digital art exhibition to introduce his life, which involved not only paintings but also block prints, sculpture, objects, stage arts, jewelry designs, advertisements, films, and writings.

The videos focus on various aspects of Dali, including his unique appearance with the characteristic mustache, his fixation with the unusual and supernatural, his love for his wife Gala, who was both his muse and partner, as well as his activities in a broad range of media. They will stimulate the imagination of the viewers and invite us into Dali's distinctive world.

Enjoy Dali's visionary and magical world as you freely walk around the exhibit space and immerse yourself in the dynamic sights and sounds.

■Feel, learn, and enjoy Dali. Experience Dali with your whole body through various approaches.

The exhibition is broadly divided into three venues.

First Venue: Experiencing Dali "Interactive Digital Art Theater" and "Word Corridor"

At the first venue is the "Interactive Digital Art Theater", uniquely presented by the Kadokawa Culture Museum. Videos comprising of many well-known works such as "The Persistence of Memory" (1931), "The Temptation of St. Anthony" (1946), "Leda Atomica" (1949) as well as photos, installations, films, and documentary photographs are projected onto the floor and 360-degree wall surfaces, accompanied throughout with the music of Pink Floyd.
Dali was an artist who employed every form of expression available in his time, including paintings, sculpture, photography, films, and writings. He was always searching for new means of expression. If he were alive today, we are certain that he would be creating his own immersive works. This exhibition was created with this belief. 

Also, not limited to being a painter, Dali demonstrated his talents in various forms of media and art, astonishing people all over the world. The numerous works produced by his extraordinary artistic talent may not be easily grasped at first sight. Therefore, we invite our visitors to discover a new Dali by experiencing his works through a unique experience of feeling through their eyes, ears, and body.

The video is divided into 12 acts, and each act shows many of his works from different periods of Dali's life, expressing each of his ideas and the expressions he sought to capture. There is no prescribed way for visitors to appreciate the exhibition; everyone can enjoy it in their own way, freely moving around, walking, standing, or sitting within the venue.



【Title of Each Act】
Act 1 Prologue
Act 2 Cadaqués
Act 3 Theater-Museum
Act 4 Monomaniacal and Critical Methods
Act 5 Calling
Act 6 Jewelry and Mae West
Act 7 Film and Photography
Act 8 Early Surrealism Period
Act 9 Double Image
Act 10 Nuclear Mysticism
Act 11 Christ and Gala
Act 12 New Classic

At the first venue, the Digital Art Theater, a digital handout that introduces the contents of the exhibits and a real time voice guide that allows you to hear an explanation of the video are available free of charge. They can be accessed from the QR codes provided at the venue, so enjoy them with your smartphone and earphones.

Next to the Digital Art Theater is the "Word Corridor". Here, words abstracted from Dali's own memoirs are displayed in the whole space. You can experience the bizarre words of Dali with your whole body.

Second Venue: Learning about Dali "Dali the Eternal Mystery! Dali?"

At the second venue, an exhibition space has been produced for learning about Dali on the theme "Dali the Eternal Mystery! Dali?". The chronology of Dali's life is exhibited in a space designed based on the image of the Dalí Theater-Museum in his birthplace Figueres, whose design and interior decoration was undertaken by Dali himself and that of theaters in Paris at that time.


Third Venue: Photo Spot to Enjoy Dali

A photo spot that anyone can enter free of charge is provided in the foyer at the entrance. Dali's famous works "The Persistence of Memory" and "The Temptation of St. Anthony" with photos of Dali himself adorn the walls. Within the venue are small props modelled on Dali's mustache and "an egg you can enter" among others, and visitors can take various photographs.


Creative Direction: Gianfranco Iannuzzi
Created by : Gianfranco Iannuzzi – Renato Gatto – Massimiliano Siccardi
KCM Editing: Rino Tagliafierro
Production: Culturespaces Digital®


■The "Interactive Digital Art Theater" uniquely presented by the Kadokawa Culture Museum

This is an immersive full-body experience of artworks and narratives. An “interactive digital art theater” that wraps the entire venue up in a mixture of visuals and music was developed in the large exhibition space of over 1,100 m2 in the Kadokawa Culture Museum’s Grand Gallery. 32 high-brightness projectors are used together to create this entirely new type of visual experience at Kadokawa Culture Museum that seamlessly incorporates all of the venue’s walls and floor areas, providing a very special “shared” experience of time and space, distinct from cinema or virtual reality.

The first such exhibition was “Ukiyo-e Theater from Paris” (2021), and the second was "Van Gogh – This is how I see the World" (2022). In particular, the number of visitors to the "Van Gogh" exhibition exceeded 240,000. They enjoyed the immersive experience of being completely surrounded by art.

For the present exhibition, the Creative Director of the "Van Gogh" exhibition, Gianfranco Iannuzzi, has again joined with the Kadokawa Culture Museum to bring the mysterious world of Salvador Dali to life with video and music.。

■Creative Director of Immersive Art Exhibitions: Gianfranco Iannuzzi

As a pioneer in the creation of immersive artistic installations, he has held numerous exhibitions for 30 years, both in France and internationally. 
Since 2010, he has been working with the Culturespaces Company on the development of Digital Art Centers around the world, including the Carrières des Lumières in Baux-de-Provence, France (2012), the Atelier de Lumières in Paris (2016), the Bunker de Lumières in Jeju in Korea (2018), the Infinity des Lumières in Dubai, and the Bassins des Lumières in Bordeaux, to date the largest permanent immersive multimedia installation in the world. His immersive exhibitions have been visited by millions.

Related information

■Satellite Venue

At "EDIT & ART Gallery" on the fourth floor is a satellite venue of this exhibition. This venue introduces Dali's art books, memoirs, books of related artists and so on, across different genres. It includes a "Young Artists" section that features books about Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, as well as young adult manga in which the leading character seeks to become an artist.


*To access the Satellite Venue, purchase either a "KCM Standard Ticket (Including the Bookshelf Theater)", or "KCM 1 Day Passport (Including the Bookshelf Theater)" or the "KCM Evening Passport (Including the Bookshelf Theater)" that allow admission to both exhibition areas for a discount. For more information, please refer to the Ticket page.

Event Outline
Title Salvador Dali - Endless Enigma
Venue Kadokawa Culture Museum 1F Grand Gallery

10:00-18:00 (last entry 17:30)

Period 2023.12.20 (Wed) - 2024.5.31 (Fri)
Close days Tuesdays(open when a national holiday falls on a Tuesday)
Organizer Kadokawa Culture Museum (Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation)
Ticket Information

Purchase online at https://tix.kadcul.com/, or in-person over the ticket counter (2nd floor lobby area).

Ticket Price (tax inclusive)
General (university student and above) 2,500 yen
Middle school student 2,000 yen
Elementary school student 1,300 yen
Pre-schooler Free

- Scheduled close days and opening hours are subject to change. See website for latest information.

-The 1DAY Passport ticket also allows access to the exhibition. See website for details.

- Certain areas of the venue may be inaccessible due to exhibit rearrangements at the time of your visit.

- Exhibition content is subject to change or cancellation.


Date 2023/12/20[Wed] 〜 2024/05/31[Fri]
Dates and venues 1F GrandGallery