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Keeping You Safe During Your Visit

To Visitors

Request for Your Cooperation

・ We ask you to refrain from visiting the museum if any of the following applies to you:
- Running a fever, having cold-like symptoms or loss of taste or smell , or exhibiting other abnormal physical symptoms. (We may ask you to leave the museum if you are exhibiting cold-like symptoms in exhibit rooms, such as violent coughing.)
- On probation after being exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19.
- Come from countries or regions where the pandemic has been increasing within the past 14 days.

・It is able to purchase your tickets online and choose a specific time zone.
 We recommend you purchase your tickets online before your visit because it is highly possible for the today-tickets are sold out.
 (Attention: the tickets for disable visitors only provides today-tickets.)
For each booking, reservations can be made for a single group of up to 15 people.
・ When entering the museum, a contact-free thermometer will be used to check your temperature.
・ While in the museum, please wash or disinfect your hands and fingers thoroughly and frequently.
・ In exhibit rooms, maintain social distancing from other visitors.
・ In exhibit rooms, please refrain as much as possible from talking, to reduce the spread of droplets.
・ Please do not touch the walls or display cases.
・ To prevent exhibit rooms from becoming crowded, admittance may be restricted.
・You may enter the museum with a baby stroller, but you will not be able to enter some exhibition rooms. Please park your baby stroller in the designated areas before entering an exhibition.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding of our infection control measures.

Safety precautions we are taking to prevent the spread of infection

・We are keeping abreast of the latest pandemic-related information released from relevant organizations, and paying utmost attention to implementing safety measures to prevent infection.
・Health monitoring of museum staff:
 - Their temperatures are taken upon arrival at the museum to ensure that they are not running a fever, and their overall health is checked.
 - They are required to wear face masks.
 - They wash their hands frequently and thoroughly disinfect their hands using an alcohol-based disinfectant.
 - They maintain social distancing.
 - We operate an air-conditioning/heating system which takes in outdoor air.
 - We further ventilate the museum by keeping windows and other openings constantly open, or by opening them periodically.
 - We make antiseptic products for disinfecting hands and fingers available at key points .
 - We conduct thorough cleaning of areas accessible to visitors, and periodically disinfect handrails, chairs, and other commonly used items.
 - Social distancing and other guidance markers/signs have been installed.